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P.zza Walther 8 - 0471 307000 Fax: 980128

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Bolzano coat of the city

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Region of South Tyrol
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Autonomus Province

Coat of South Tyrol


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Municipaly Police
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0471 997 788

Bolzano: art and culture

In Bolzano it is possible to visit numerous exhibitions and art galleries from the Civic Gallery, Goethe Gallery, the Gallery Leonardo and also many other that are present in the city, the people found of art and history will never wish to miss the most beautiful chance of such visit.



This city is particularly rich in museums to visit such as Museum or the South Tyrol Archaeological Museum, the Museum of natural sciences but something else also a nice collection of cribs at the convent to enjoy unique art of Bolzano. The most attracting and unique art and culture of this city bring you here at least once for the unforgettable vacation period.

Bolzano art and culture exhposition museum gallery

Bolzano: monuments and theater

Bolzano welcomes the tourists with picturesque beauty of nature for refreshing and relaxing holidays and the city is also rich in museums to visit. In the city of Bolzano you can find Teatro Stabile active and vital proposing programming always interesting and of good quality with actors of prestige. Too see all the monuments in the city as the Cathedral and St. Nicholas, the Monument of Walther von der Vogelweide, the Church of San Giorgio and San Giovanni and many other each having their unique and attractive storage of art and culture for the tourists to view. Bolzano holidays will always recall you to visit here for viewing the most gorgeous art of the city.